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Welcome to The Healthy Weigh MD! 

The general philosophy of the Healthy Weigh MD is to provide busy women, busy moms, and busy professionals with the necessary tools to reach their health and fitness goals! There are so many things on our plates. Life is constantly a juggling act. Feeling healthy and comfortable in our bodies is one of the best feelings we can experience.  


Have you had trouble maintaining your weight? Have you felt ashamed or guilty that you are not the size you were in high school or college? Did you gain weight after a medical illness or after starting your career or having children?


Please, let go of the shame! Obesity is not a sign of laziness, it is a disease! Our weight is the result of metabolism, genetics, social environment, behavior, and culture. 


Are you shocked to hear that? So much time is spent BLAMING the person who has weight issues, that they end up feeling ashamed and don't seek help. It can become a downward spiral of guilt, increased stress, unbalanced hormones, increased eating, and weight gain. 

Mental Health and Wellness are an often forgotten part of our wellbeing. But, who are we when we don't feel happy, balanced, optimistic, or hopeful about our futures? Depression, anxiety, stress, and weight issues often go together. It's important to care as much about our mental health as we do about our physical health.


What have you done for self-care lately?

The Healthy Weigh MD is excited to guide you on a journey that will provide you with the necessary tools to succeed! Weight loss medications, nutrition, exercise plans, and supportive therapy are just a few of the tools in our toolbox. This is a partnership and we are so excited to be along for the ride! 

Foot Tracks on Sand

What we specialize in...

  • Weight issues 

  • Stress Management

  • Mood issues: Depression/Anxiety

  • Pre- and Post-pregnancy weight managment 

  • Binge Eating

  • Lifestyle Medicine and Life Coaching

  • Nutrition and Meal Replacement Program (when needed for faster weight loss) 

  • Medication and Lifestyle changes 

Yoga at Home

Lifestyle and Obesity Medicine Pillars: 


Manage Stress

Healthy Relationships





Decrease Bad Habits 

What is Lifestyle Medicine? What is Obesity Medicine? 

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