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Passion Makes Perfect

Dr. Bell loves talking about weight management and mental health. Wellness and fitness are her life long passions. She entered medical school with one goal; to be a weight management physician. At the time, weight management was not a recognized specialty. Therefore, she would have to carve out her own place in the already complex world of medicine. Since graduating medical school, residency and fellowship, Dr. Bell has trained in psychiatry and obesity medicine. 

Dr. Bell educates and informs audience members on a myriad of topics including obesity in the black community, obesity and elderly, mental health in the black community, and stigma in mental health and obesity .

As a speaker, Dr. Bell has talked to a wide variety of audiences; from high school students to practicing physicians. Her down-to-earth nature and plain talk approach to  complex topics help make her effective at communicating to any audience. Much more than a doctor, Dr. Bell is a community supporter as she encourages each member to help dispel stigma and judgement.

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